Winner, Winner- Chicken Dinner?

2 min readFeb 15, 2022

Now our chicken is in danger?

I admit it, I love Chick-fil-A. It is far from my home so I don’t get there that often. But it’s my favorite. And as someone who tries to stay on a protein diet, chicken is a staple.

So when there were rumors of the Avian Flu decimating chicken populations in Europe, I seriously could not worry about it. I mean, really, one more pandemic to worry about? I can’t even deal with Covid!!

According to the Washington Post:

Poultry operations in Kentucky and Virginia were confirmed to have birds infected with a highly lethal form of avian flu, federal agriculture officials said Monday, days after a flock of turkeys in Indiana tested positive, raising worries about a wider outbreak in the country.

The most recently identified infections occurred at a Tyson Foods commercial broiler in Fulton County, Ky., that has 240,000 chickens, and in a backyard flock of mixed species in Fauquier County, Va. Kentucky officials said they were also waiting for the results of tests on a flock of turkeys in Webster County.

And surprisingly, they say Avian Flu doesn’t pose a public health risk, however:

Avian influenza doesn’t pose a public health risk to humans, U.S. agriculture officials said, so long as poultry and eggs are properly cooked at internal temperatures above 165 degrees. No human cases of avian influenza have been detected in the United States, although more than 700 global cases have been reported since 2003, federal officials say.

According to Reuters:

Birds from the infected flock will be culled and will not enter the food system, state officials said.

Tyson Foods is working with government authorities to prevent the disease from spreading and is heightening safety measures at other local farms, spokesman Gary Mickelson said.

The outbreak is not expected to lower overall chicken production levels because thousands of farms raise chickens for Tyson, he said. Mickelson added that Tyson Foods’ chicken products are safe to eat.

Would it surprise me to see chicken being harder to find and prices jumping up? Not at all.

If you want to know my favorite chicken I stockpile at home, it is this chicken from Costco:

It is best cooked on air fryer mode. It is almost EXACTLY like Chick fil A. And only sold at Costco. Pick it up and you will see what I mean!




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