Why Poor People Are Generous and Rich People Are Stingy

4 min readMar 13, 2022
Source Canva

I have noticed working-class people are much more generous than rich people.

One side of my family is working-class, like me. The other side has money. I have seen both sides of the coin.


If someone is looking for community, the working class are more likely to band together to help each other. My cousin-in-law knows a lot of people. Both she and her husband work full-time but it doesn’t cover all the bills.

So she will trade her baked goods for plumbing work. Or her friend will help repair roofing shingles for free. My mother-in-law knows a lot of people in her small town and they will help bring her groceries or mow the grass.

In the past, she loaned us money for a much-needed basement drain system, after our basement flooded. We paid her back in a month.

My brother-in-law gives rides to friends who don’t have a car. My uncle-in-law will fix someone’s car for free and not even charge labor.

I could go on and on about how the working class is more generous than the rich. The Working-class is more empathetic to the plight of others.

They know they have to work together because no one is coming to save them. They know the well off don’t give a s-t about them. They know the rich wouldn’t care if they were living on the street.

For the working class, banding together is all they have.


That is one person’s take on rich people and money. They feel working-class think they are entitled to their money, which is NOT true.

Here is an example, I’ll call them M. This person lives in a nice home in a country area, does not work, and their in-laws have money. They also don’t have children. Years ago, we were struggling and I asked this person for money for groceries. They…


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