Whispers of the Past: Embracing the Charm of Old Homes and the Enchantment of Ghostly Tales

8 min readFeb 27, 2024

I am obsessed with old homes and their stories. And if they have a stray ghost or two, all the better!

Okay, I am kidding about that part. I have experienced paranormal events and believe life is a lot more peaceful without ghosts and goblins.

Here is my story:

Canva image- not my home but an example of a ranch home

My Home

I’m not including photos for privacy reasons but needless to say, it’s a cute but boring ranch house. It is over 25 years old, so not old by any stretch but I suspect it is haunted.

It all started at the beginning of moving into our home. My son was a baby, so over 20 years ago I was more focused on taking care of him than the house.

We unpacked and settled in and then things started happening. I did not believe anything was happening at first because it was a newish house. I had been brought up to believe things only happen in old homes.




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