Whispers of the Past: Embracing the Charm of Old Homes and the Enchantment of Ghostly Tales

8 min readFeb 27, 2024

I am obsessed with old homes and their stories. And if they have a stray ghost or two, all the better!

Okay, I am kidding about that part. I have experienced paranormal events and believe life is a lot more peaceful without ghosts and goblins.

Here is my story:

Canva image- not my home but an example of a ranch home

My Home

I’m not including photos for privacy reasons but needless to say, it’s a cute but boring ranch house. It is over 25 years old, so not old by any stretch but I suspect it is haunted.

It all started at the beginning of moving into our home. My son was a baby, so over 20 years ago I was more focused on taking care of him than the house.

We unpacked and settled in and then things started happening. I did not believe anything was happening at first because it was a newish house. I had been brought up to believe things only happen in old homes.

Before they built the home, they had knocked down a few old homes behind the property. There is still a very old tree back there and a falling-down wooden shed. I have also gone on realtor.com and found old photos of the homes that used to be there.

It is clear there used to be an old neighborhood that was since knocked down. I remember asking the builder if there had been a home here previously. He said no because there was no foundation. But it was clear whatever home was here did not have a foundation, probably just a crawl space.

I have looked into the history of the house a few times. I have come across a few names of people who lived in this farming community. When I ran the ghost app last year, it came up with a few names that matched up with some names on newspapers.com.

I have also had a few dreams about the home that stood here and the people that lived in it. I did not get names but it was two…




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