While I Struggle To Pay My Bills, Disney Friends Frolick on Disney Cruise

4 min readAug 3, 2022
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The Disney Wish cruise set sail last week. I was not on it but I know some people who were.

And the stories they have to tell!


  • not having access to a juicer
  • the bars are too crowded
  • there were too many kids (go figure, it’s a DISNEY cruise?)
  • not enough free stuff
  • not enough VIP treatment

This is during a twin pandemic. The clueless illusion that must accompany these vacationers is amazing.

How are these two worlds co-existing? The “friend” who went on the cruise can’t hold a job but he is talented enough to work as a contractor. He hoards money but he also spends a lot.

He has a family and spends boatloads of money on cruises. I think he was a pirate in another life. I mean, he is obsessed.

He was also so supposedly worried and scared about Covid just a year ago. Now? As it is with all rich people, he no longer gives a s-t. I’m sure his family has already caught Covid and he now thinks he won’t get it again.

He is on board, throwing money around like it’s nothing and like we are not about to go into another recession.

Do these Disney addicts have so much money they can afford all these Disney trips and still pay their bills? Aren’t they worried or concerned about the future?

Or did they just get a rich person's raise or did their favorite Boomer kick the bucket and they got an inheritance? Most people I know right now are struggling to pay their bills. The price of everything has gone through the roof.

I just got back from the store, my only entertainment these days, and the price of everything was insane. I got a few things and the total was $70. I was shocked. I didn’t even get half my list. While shopping, the store had strangely lost power in the middle of a sunny, very hot day. I was eager to get out of the strange, dystopian store.


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