We Are In a Rough Economy. Regifting Is Okay.

3 min readJun 14, 2024

We are in a rough economy. Many of us are working more than ever. We all need to save money where we can.

However, many of us were brought up that regifting was not okay. My aunt Elsie really hated regifts. She could smell them from a mile away. I was brought up that it was something only really cheap and/or poor people did.

As I got older and started a family, I realized it’s not just for poor people. I would say most on the wealthier side of my family regift, actually more than the poorer people!

A big reason for this is they tend to get more swag and free stuff. What is it about companies gifting rich people free stuff? It doesn’t make logical sense.

I’ve been gifted a lot of really nice things, like a Coach bag. So overall, I do not hate regifts.

But please do not regift the following:

  • candles
  • scented soaps
  • dish towels
  • fitness equipment
  • vacuum
  • any kind of clothing
  • any kind of Seen on TV item
  • self help books
  • robe
  • slippers
  • makeover gift card




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