Travel Now Before The World As We Know It Disappears

5 min readAug 14, 2023
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Recently, I had the chance to enjoy this view of the Atlantic Ocean. And it was spectacular. It was 95 degrees in Myrtle Beach, with a nice breeze but a heat index of 113. But it did not stop me from making this trip.

Even with the world being unstable, Covid, and climate change, we made the trip. We are in the beginning of hurricane season but as of now, there is nothing on the horizon.

It was an 11-hour drive, from Ohio to Myrtle Beach, SC. It is mind-opening to travel to other states and parts of the country. It gives you a different perspective of the world.

I have not been on vacation since 2019. I have traveled but not a proper vacation. I needed this break. It has been three years of dodging Covid and working to put my son through college. Even with Covid on the upswing, and some people now calling it the “August flu”, I took a chance.

And here is why. Life is short. As we see with the Maui fires and all the climate change events plaguing our world, I feel time is short to enjoy the world as it is.

I am in my mid 40’s and always have memories of the Atlantic and the seashore a certain way. I want to be able to visit here before certain parts of the country are wiped and flooded off the map.

Myrtle Beach is a magical place. To me, it is not as magical as Key West (LOVE it there), but it’s a close second. From myths of legends of pirates like Blackheard

to the Grey Man of Pawley island, I love the Atlantic culture.

I have many English ancestors who were sailors and captains. I love going out on the ocean. The irony of all this is I can’t swim! And I’m afraid of deep water. But I love the ocean all the same.




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