This Is The Most Boring Dystopia…EVER!

9 min readNov 19, 2023

I don’t know about you but I am bored to tears living through this boring dystopia.

What about how the sci-fi books said it would go? Where is the zombie apocalypse? Where is Katniss and the Hunger Games gang? (BTW, I am excited about seeing the new Hunger Games movie! Yes, even I take a break from reality to see a movie in the theatre! Or is it a break from reality?)

I love the Hunger Games series, I just don’t want to LIVE in the movie.

When it first hit theatres in 2012, I thought this was just silly. Society is NEVER going to turn into this. Well, never say never.

There are two groups of people right now- those who know society is breaking down. And then there are those with their heads in the sand.

Those Who Know

It is a great burden for those doomers and gloomers among us who sense and know something is amiss. We have had writers like Jessica Wildfire try and warn us. Eventually, people can’t hear the truth anymore. When I first started on Medium, I wrote many articles about Covid and climate change. I still write about climate change but the Covid articles would tank.

People did not want to hear about Covid anymore. And still don’t even though it is still killing and maiming people. It is causing Long Covid and significant brain fog in many people.

According to The New York Times:

In recent years, the term has also become closely associated with the cognitive impairment many people experience during or after a bout with Covid-19. Roughly 20 to 30 percent of Covid patients have some brain fog that persists or develops during the three months after their initial infection, and more than 65 percent of those with long




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