They Say Everyone Has a Doppelganger Twin- Do You?

4 min readDec 4, 2023
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A year ago, I was perusing Facebook and under “People You May Know” was a girl who looked exactly like me. It was startling. I sent the photo to my son and husband and they agreed she looked just like me. Then I went and looked at her other photos. But luckily the resemblance stopped there.

It was kind of a relief actually. I want to think of myself as the only one who has my face. I have a common name, so I know there are many people with my name. But while the person turned out to NOT look like me, I know I have a twin out there somewhere. And I bet you do too.

Years ago, I started noticing the twin phenomenon. It all started when I was 9 years old. My great aunt Edna loved watching “As The World Turns” and “All My Children”. We would sit in her house, while she rolled cigarettes and we’d talk about family.

A few years later, she died from lung issues. Not surprising with all the smoking. But that’s not where it gets weird.

I was 13 years old and shopping in CVS at the mall. When malls had drugstores (is this still a thing?). Anyway, she was ahead of me in line and had the same small stature and small profile. The woman smelled of cigarette smoke. I almost went up to her and asked if it was her.

I lost my nerve. It was not possible, was it? Was that woman in line at CVS a ghost- or her twin?

My next story is even stranger. Almost 20 years ago, my husband’s father passed away.

A year after losing his father, we were watching a tv show. I think it was HGTV or something. One of the guests looked like his father, exactly. Talked like him, everything was exact, down to his hair.

It was unnerving and quite shocking. I did a doubletake and asked my husband if he saw what I was seeing. He did and the exactness of how much he looked like his father (who was an only child) was crazy.

We had to turn off the show because it was too close of a coincidence.

According to the NY Times:

Dr. Esteller found that the 16 pairs who were “true” look-alikes shared significantly more of their genes than the other 16 pairs that the software deemed less similar. “These people really look alike because they




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