The Tragic Love Story of Anne of York and Thomas St. Leger

10 min readMar 7, 2022

According to my grandmother, from family stories and historical accounts, this is the story of Thomas and Anne, my 12th Great Grandparents.

For more of the story of the York brothers and the infamous Richard III, I’ve written an article you’ll like.


On a humid morning of August 1439, I came screaming into the world. As the first child of Richard and Cecily, I was born to the wealth and power that comes with being a Plantaganet. Being firstborn came with privileges. But not being born male was a detriment. My mother gave birth to many more children, including Edward IV (1461–1483) and Richard III (1483–1485); and of Edmund, Earl of Rutland, Elizabeth of York, Duchess of Suffolk, Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy and of George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence.

Being the sister of two kings had its perks. While I only lived to see Edward on the throne, it was better I had died before Richard stole the throne from my nephews.

May 1, 1447-

Father says I am to marry. While I know this is my place and how I am supposed to help my family, I can’t help but feel at age 8 I am far too young. I am not that far from being with nurse but now I have to be grown up and learn to be a lady. Mother is concerned as Henry Holland does not appear to be loyal to us.

King Edward and Queen Elizabeth, photo credit Starz

March 4, 1461-

Edward was crowned today, it is certainly a glorious day.

June 5, 1461-

I met the most mysterious man today. I had heard of Thomas but only wild stories of his adventures. I thought this man is too wild and uninhibited for court. But Edward has become fast friends with him. I saw him in the hall today, as tall as Edward, 6’3 reddish/brown hair and the kindest blue eyes. He caught my eye for a moment and then looked away. If that is how it feels to be struck by lightning, then I am hit. I…


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