The American Dream Is Now The American Nightmare

5 min readAug 7, 2022
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Gen Z is in trouble. The American Dream for them is now a fairytale.

I graduated from college in the late 1990s. At the time, Gen X, my generation, had hope for the future. Life was normal. Jobs were plentiful, the environment was not as bad as today and Gen X got married and had kids.

Now, I am a mom of a 20-year-old son. He is Gen Z. We had an interesting conversation today about how climate change is going to kill the world before he and his generation even has a chance to live their lives.

He is not concerned about Covid or Monkey Pox or any future pandemics coming down the tracks. He is more concerned about climate change. And getting a job. And having a future.

He took a class about environmental world changes called Apocalyptic Geography. It was very eye-opening for him.

It’s hard for the kids, looking forward to 60 plus more years on the planet, to think of how the world will be by then.

With their stronger immune systems, they aren’t as concerned about pandemics. They should be but they aren’t. They are more concerned about what kind of job they are going to get, where they are going to live and if they’ll be able to afford to start a family.

These are some of the thoughts I’ve gathered online from Twitter and Reddit. These kids are depressed, this is bleak stuff:

They are dealing with three generations ahead of them. One, Boomers who still think bread is 50 cents a loaf and rent is $200/month.

Gen X and Millennials have dominated the job and housing market for the past 20 years. These two generations aren’t doing as well as Boomers BUT they are doing better than Gen Z, overall.

However, all of us are swimming upstream against the rich:




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