The 2022 New Normal Sucks

3 min readMay 23, 2022
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I noticed this sign at a local fast food place over the weekend.

I was not as shocked as I had read on the local Facebook group that they had trouble getting employees.

Strange that, as I had just been to Chick fil A last week and they had too many employees working the drive-through.

In my small town, this is becoming a common sight. And the people are irate. They are blaming Biden for pretty much everything going wrong. They forget Covid started on Trump’s watch and continued on Trump’s watch. He said it would disappear someday and 2 1/2 years later, it is going nowhere. And perhaps getting worse.

From what I am seeing, this fast food place has not shut down because of Covid. It has shut down for a lack of employees. And from what I know, they are paying enough per hour. No one wants to work there.

Bring in the robots? People want their Arby’s bacon and cheddar!

Fast food is an American staple and it’s funny that the first thing people notice changing is fast food disappearing.

There have been signs for months and months that life was changing:

  • shortages everywhere
  • gasoline up to $7/gallon in some parts of the country
  • 6+ months to see a doctor
  • classrooms emptying- kids and teachers are out sick
  • grocery prices through the roof
  • mass shootings once a week
  • women’s rights are being trampled on
  • Covid has lowered our immune systems and is leading to hepatitis in kids, Long Covid, and monkeypox cases.
  • more extreme weather events (ie. EF3 tornado in Michigan a few days ago)

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