Seeing 111 Everywhere? Or 222? Here’s What Repeating Numbers Mean

2 min readJun 22, 2022
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Have you ever noticed looking at the clock and it’s always 1:11? Or your total at the grocery store is $2.22? Or even the dreaded 666? It all means something.

According to Bustle:

A sequence of repeating numbers that keeps popping up in your life could manifest in a variety of ways in order to get your attention. Maybe you always seem to look at the clock at 2:22. Then, later in the same day, your take-out dinner totals out to $22.22. A few days later you might notice that you’re the 222nd person to like an Instagram pic. While you might write these things off as a coincidence, there could be a greater meaning behind the numbers — especially if you find yourself questioning that potential meaning. When you start to consider these numbers may be direct messages from a divine, celestial force, the more you’ll notice them.

“Numbers are the language of the universe, and the universe speaks to us through codes. The more we learn to listen, the more we are empowered to fulfill our destiny and achieve the deep joy we deserve,” Jesse Kalsi, numerologist and author of All About Numbers: Attract Luck, Abundance, and Joy Based on Your Numbers, tells Bustle.

111: Now

When you see 111, look at where your life is now. Reflect on that.

222: Right Place, Right Time

Right now is when you need to enjoy the moment. Be present and see what’s around you.

333: Balance

Self-care is important too, through meditation, a vision board, or working out.

444: Answered Prayers

During this time of struggle, know your prayers are being answered!

555: Major Change

Major change is coming but that could be a good thing.

666: Personal Responsibility

Often seen as a bad number, it can also reflect that you need to take personal responsibility.

777: Face fears

This is often seen as a lucky number, it’s telling you to face your fears.

888: Good Job

Gratitude and abundance are entering your life right now. Enjoy it!

999: Fulfillment

You are at the finish line on some goals. What is next for your future? Make those plans big!


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