Retail Regret: Costco Puts a Stop to Crazy Returns

3 min readMar 19

In recent years, retailers have cut back on what one can return. But Costco held out as long as possible. Then the crazy stories started pouring in:

  • A Christmas tree, after Christmas (this is the most brazen I have ever heard of)
  • moldy food
  • 10-year old pillows
  • half eaten rotisserie chicken (obvious)
  • dead plants (um?)
  • used beach gear (the sand is a giveaway)

I know we are all on a budget but some of these just equal theft at some point. The customer who pulls this is obviously desperate for money and decides Costco owes them something.

I think that is where the brazenness comes from. When I worked in retail years ago, we were taught the customer is always right. The problem is- the customer is NOT always right!

This outdated belief fuels Karens, Boomers, and others to harass customer associates. It’s not right. There is no shame in retail.

It’s kind of a very accurate of the narcissism and me first attitude many have in society today. It’s just reflected well at Costco.

Here is the actual Costco return policy:


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