Out with the Old, In With The New: How I Am Solving My Clutter Problem

7 min readFeb 18, 2024

It’s almost March and time to clean and organize!

For the most part, I tend to dread this time of year. My battle with clutter started a long time ago.

I tend to like to collect things like holiday decorations, art supplies, and home decor. It is odd as I don’t work on art projects that often and I have enough holiday decorations for four households. I also love collecting board games. My basement is filled with those big Costco containers that are awesome for storing junk.

My big (overwhelming) collection started 20 years ago when Target used to have really awesome clearance sales on holiday merchandise. I would very rarely pay retail before the holiday. I would wait for the 75–90% off sales afterwards.

Over 20 years ago, we had just moved into our home and there always seemed a need to buy more wrapping paper or ornaments or something. I had always lived in apartments and living in a house with a basement and garage was new to me.

And I might have gone a little crazy. Combine my love of finding a good deal with my love of Christmas and you get a lot of clutter. A lot.

I am going, to be honest and say I don’t even know everything that I own. And that is sad. As I get into my later 40s and my son is almost out of college, it’s time to start doing some “death cleaning” or I’d rather call it “middle-age purge”.


My habit of collecting things is in response to the losses I have had in my life. I have lost people suddenly to death, like my grandmother. I know my shopping and collecting got worse after she died.

I feel I missed out on so much we could have shared. For example, my son was only 1 when she passed. She didn’t get to see him grow up. I am grateful she got to see him a few times though. But I think of all the holidays and special times we missed out on. How my son would have had a chance to have gotten to know her.




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