$89 For an Easter Ham Is Not a Deal!

2 min readMar 19, 2023

Dear Famous Dave’s,

Your $89 Easter ham is not a deal. And how did the price double from a few years ago? And unless the ham is double the size from years ago, it does NOT serve 15–20!

I have gotten your emails for years now. I recall your hams being around $50. We have bought them for Easter and Christmas in the past. We won’t be this year.

We are instead opting to go to a restaurant. Because no one can afford $89 hams. Your hams are good but not that good. I’d rather go to the local Chili’s, and get a meal for three for $90. They cook, serve, and clean up the mess.

With the economy the way it is, how is this going to help families? Sure, one can go to the store and buy a $20 ham, obv. But have you started your price point now for rich people only?

I am disappointed. And sad. I enjoy your food but not this year. Even if I had the $89 for this ham, it is not worth it.

This is just another example of a long line of companies like you, AMC theatres, etc. pricing out the “poor” from their ham. Not cool.


Disgruntled Former Customer, Your BBQ Isn’t That Good Anyway




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