Letters From The Time Traveler: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Year 2023

4 min readAug 3, 2022
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I am now reporting from 2023. It only took a year, for the pandemic and societal unrest to speed up. The twin pandemics have taken a huge toll. Many began to question if they could create a safe community. The 2023 citizens are looking for a place to be safe. To be able to live and work in a plague-free environment.

This reminded me of Eyam. My grandmother used to talk about her great-great-grandmother who survived Eyam.

Over 400 years ago, a town named Eyam in England, decided to not spread the plague when it hit their community in September 1665. They literally battened down the hatches. So rather than flee and risk spreading the infection, they locked down.

For 14 months, they suffered. But they were determined to not lose their community. And not to spread the plague to further communities.

“By staying within the confines of their community, the inhabitants of Eyam did indeed stem the spread of the epidemic, albeit at a tragic cost to themselves.”

According to BBC:

She added: “While many diagnostic details are missing, Eyam is a snapshot of how one community was shaped by — and itself shaped — the spread of a disease.




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