Letters From The Time Traveler: The Dream Travelers

9 min readJun 18, 2023
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There is a theory among time travelers and even non-travelers. It is that some of us travel in dreams and bring back the future.

Before we met, I was a 21-year-old theology student, studying to be a minister. I lived with my father, mother, and two sisters on a small farm in rural Pennsylvania.

My father was a tough military man. You never got to meet him but whether it was all his war training and being a veteran of the American War of 1812. He loved hunting and fishing, more for sport than to bring home provisions.

I tried hard to be like him and act like him. He was like all other fathers of his generation and before. He would say that my generation was “lazy and did not understand how he and his generation saved the country”.

He was very patriotic. And proud. He doted on my mother and sisters but was always tougher on me.

It’s no surprise I went into theology and then onto time traveling. I seemed to inherit the empathy gene he lacked. So when I had a dream one night that he had died in a hunting accident, it was no surprise.

I had always been a very vivid dreamer since I was a little child. Some of the dreams felt like time travel because as they call it now “the Christmas Carol effect”.

I did not know what the “Christmas Carol effect” was. After all, Charles Dickens did not write his beloved classic until 1843, a few years after we met.

Basically, the theory goes that there are those, past and present, who are able to visit the future through their dreams. Before anyone discounts this hogwash, numerous stories and studies have been done on this phenomenon.




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