Letters From The Time Traveler: The Closest Many Of Us Will Get To Time Travel

3 min readDec 4, 2023
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I have always been fascinated by those who live a long, long time. As I am one of them, we know we have something genetically different about ourselves.

Some of us are time travelers. But others are regular citizens. Take the case of Florence.

Florence was born in 1868. Florence Pannell was born in Kensington, England, on 26 December 1868. As an adult, she set up a beauty care business and worked for many years in Paris and London. She married Robert H. Pannell in 1898 and they had one child. Her husband died in 1905 at the age of 38.

In May 1971, at the age of 102, Pannell was reported as the oldest voter in that year’s Kensington and Chelsea borough council elections. In 1977, Pannell was interviewed by Joan Shenton for the consumer programme Money-Go-Round, in which said that the biggest change she’s seen was “everything”.

She lived through the following world events:

The coronation of the five monarchs to follow Queen Victoria: Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth II.

Jack the Ripper’s terrorization of London

The sinking of the Titanic

Both World Wars

The Great Depression

The telephone


The hippie movement

The moon landing

Star Wars

This video is fascinating-

I never had a chance to meet her but she reminded me of so many of our family members. And it broke my heart a little to see this spry…




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