Letters From The Time Traveler: Course Correct Now If You Can

8 min readSep 23, 2023


This will not come as a huge surprise to you. The 2020s served as a time for people to course correct. I remember your uncle always used this expression. As you know, it means “It is often used as an imperative to advise someone to take the correct or appropriate path. It can also be used to refer to a strategy that is determined to be the best approach to a certain situation.”

Course correction began in the 2020s. Some saw it in the form of Covid and climate change. And made appropriate changes. Others sadly, did not.

Recently, I read a shocking piece of information recently- the official Covid death toll is 26 MILLION, not the reported 7 million. It’s no wonder the elites did not want this number getting out to people.

The only time COVID-19 was taken partially seriously was during 2020. After that, as I like to call it, the government watering down began. Does anyone really think COVID-19 became LESS dangerous in three years? No, it’s still the same virus. Sure, there are new variants but it still kills, still puts people in the hospital. And for many, still causes Long Covid.

Cholera in our time was also not taken seriously at first. Major cities like London, New York City and more had the highest mortality rates.

But London was a city overwhelmed by the waste products of its ever-growing population, the majority of whom lived in the squalor of overcrowded slums. Human waste piled up in courtyards and overflowed from basement cesspits into the gutters and waterways.

In such conditions diseases were inevitable. Outbreaks of diseases such as typhoid and scarlet fever were common, but the arrival of cholera led to new investigation into sanitation and the causes of disease.

Cholera was allowed to spread because the government was not updating their sanitation practices.




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