Letters From The Time Traveler: 2030- Part 2

4 min readJul 8, 2022
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Dearest Edith,

I lost my pocket watch on a trip to the state formerly known as Florida (now Southern State 1. I’ll go into the dividing of the states in a later letter, it was very similar to the War Between the States of our time.)

It is a shame I lost the watch, as my father gave it to me.

As promised, here is part 2 of the 2030 report:



Careful A was on top of things from Day 1. They were called anxious, hysterical, and not living their life by others, Careful A dealt with a great deal of societal pushback from 2020–2026 especially. But by 2026, most of the cards were already on the table. The veil was finally lifted from society’s eyes and it was clear the world had turned into a cesspool of never-ending pandemics, climate change, political strife, and food shortages.

Careful A had circled the wagons early on and had stockpiled food and money as best she could. She surrounded herself and her family with like-minded thinkers.

As Careful A’s neighborhood cleared out, as people were evicted to the streets or the slums, they were able to use the abandoned land to build community gardens. They also built a general store with a bartering system. The old schoolhouse from 1856, which had been lovingly restored in the 1900s was now back in use again.


Careful B., an elite and wealthy man, spoke to me on condition of anonymity. They did not want to lose their position in life, especially in such a fragile society. They also had four children to provide for and try to keep their fragile world from collapsing.

But they humored me in this data collection, as long as I kept them anonymous.

They revealed many, many facts, some I will report on later, of preparations the elites were making as far back as 2015. Bill Gates was trying to warn the world of a coming pandemic and everyone laughed at him. Except for Careful B. and his friends.

First on the priority list for Careful B and his friends was to keep their quality of life for themselves and their families. With their vast resources, they were able to do this, but…


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