Letters From The Time Traveler: 2030- Part 1

6 min readJul 6, 2022
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My Dearest Edith,

How are you and the children? I have finally compiled my findings from 2030, interviews I call from the “Hedonists” and “The Careful”.

I’m enclosing my latest evaluation and observations from interviews taken in 2030. I interviewed 100 subjects virtually, as meeting in person is now considered dangerous. There is any number of pandemic infections circulating throughout the population at any given time.

I’ve enclosed a sampling of those interviews. I broke my research down into two groups for ease of understanding the mentality that got the United States into this mess. A mess many are considering “divinely predicted”. I do not see God in any of this.

This year 2030 I have been to before but did not spend much time as the stark difference between 2022–2030 was astounding.

Society is indeed going backward. As I’ve mentioned in previous letters, 2040 almost seems ridiculous to even try to maneuver. Any data I could collect then would not be taken seriously by 2022. Even if I showed them photographs of the hellscape that climate change has wrought, they would not believe me and call it “fake news”.

On my first and only trip so far to 2040, I did collect copious amounts of data and evidence as it were. I shared with several in the government and even some average citizens to get their take. Crickets. They just thought I was a crackpot looking for his 15 minutes of fame, as they call it.

I told them I did not want fame, I wanted to stop a global catastrophe. I even had help and went on the dreaded Tik Tok, disguised of course, and even though I went “viral” I was overwhelmingly ridiculed. No one took me seriously.

So anyway, onto the breakdown:

Two groups appeared prevalent in 2022–2030. One group I’ll call the Hedonists and the other, The Careful.

As the 2020’s wore on, there no longer appeared a middle group.


This was the interesting one to report on, as the utter delusion this group possesses is astounding. I recorded the Hedonist's actions and behaviors 2020–2030 and where they are in 2030.


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