Letters From The Time Traveler: 2025- The Have’s Report

5 min readJul 14, 2022
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You asked about community and how people were surviving. It is a complicated answer and I don’t want to write lightly on this subject.

Society as a whole has indeed gone backward, in terms of wealth equality and the “American Dream”. There are now only two categories of Americans- The Haves and the Have Nots.

To simplify, as the community fractured even further getting closer to 2030, I will report on the community by income levels. This report is from 2025.


The elite has always had a much more structured community. While they don’t associate with the lower classes (except their employees), they have their own community. This is part of how they stay in power. In an earlier letter, I talked about how the elite send their employees (servants) into the cities to get supplies. The elite has their own communities, hidden in valleys or high on hills.

While in the late 21st century, the elite were moving into city apartments/condos. However, at this point, they no longer live in the cities. The cities are now where the poor congregate, the contagious and hopeless.

Social programs such as welfare kept many of them afloat through 2020–2024, but these programs have since collapsed. It is truly every man for himself at this point.

Politically, the Have’s are in a great position in terms of wealth. After the election of President DeSantis, society took a very sharp turn into wealth inequality.

The election of 2024 was pure chaos. After that, Trump was no longer an issue. DeSantis will most likely serve two terms and his vice president will take the reins, keeping the Republicans in power for over 10 years.

As for the elite’s children, the elite no longer (if they ever did), send their children to public schools or let them associate with children outside their income level. Many are homeschooled or have private tutors.




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