It’s An Invitation, Not a Summons. Why Holiday Parties Are Not Required.

5 min readDec 2, 2023
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The holiday season is here! And with it, invites to holiday parties. Not unlike the one above, which I made up. But the message is still the same, that undercurrent of you must attend or else!!

For the past three years, those of us not wanting to get sick, whether it’s Covid, flu, etc., have been able to ignore invitations and gracefully RSVP no. And now there is a new (old?) pneumonia called White Lung that has popped up in China and Ohio-

So how do we fight back against these invitations encroaching on OUR rights?

No is a complete sentence

For those who have stubborn in-laws/family/friends, this will be a hard one for them to swallow. It’s best to be upfront about not attending, like now, before emotions get high before the holidays. If you can’t stomach a big family gathering and say no. That’s it.

It’s an invitation, not a summons

This is a big one. Many think their annual holiday party is mandatory. And if someone has the guts to decline? They become butt hurt and won’t take no for an answer. So here is what you say, “It’s an invitation, not a summons.” And walk away.

But you got your booster. You won’t get it now.

I can’t even get over this one. There are still some people who think if you are boosted you can’t catch Covid. I wish this myth would disappear. My husband got boosted in May, then went on a work trip in June and promptly got Covid. And a bad case. So, no a booster shot won’t help you in that way. You can still catch it.




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