Inviting a New Friend Over? Be Sure Your Home Doesn’t Have These Red Flags

3 min readFeb 22, 2024

When I go to someone’s home for the first time, certain red flags pop up.

Here are the glaring red flags to watch out for:

Family Fighting

Most people know to put on the company face when people are visiting. But sometimes if it’s bad timing, or someone doesn’t care, arguments can break out.

It is super awkward for those visiting to know what to say or do.

My dad had a classic Italian temper. When I was a kid there were times we had people at our home and he and my mom would argue. It was really embarrassing and eventually people stopped coming over.

Overflowing Litter Boxes

Cleaning the litter box can be a big pain. I had a friend years ago who had four cats and litter boxes in different rooms of the apartment. I tend to tuck the litter box away in my home but she had it out in plain sight. And it was disgusting! She didn’t really keep up with it and it was an uncomfortable (smelly) visit.

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No Clean Towels

If you are hosting people overnight, be sure to provide clean towels, sheets and maybe even a few of those small travel-size shampoo and body wash. It will make you look like an awesome host and no awkwardness when your guest needs a towel.

Dirty Toilet

The bathroom is the first room I clean or freshen up when someone is visiting. I feel most people will judge you on your toilet and bathroom right away.

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Expensive Electronics But Everything Else Is Broken

This seems to be a really big problem with new college grads especially. They have all the fancy laptops and TVs, but their furniture is broken and used.




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