I Got Back $1400+ In Cash and Amazon Gift Cards From Buying Groceries. Here’s How!

4 min readFeb 24

These days, a trip to the grocery store can be financially depressing. But with these apps, you can get cash back, free gift cards and more. I have included how much I have gotten back from several of these apps I use on a weekly basis.


Checkout51 offers fewer (usually) higher-rebated items. Just snap a picture of your receipt and get cashback. When your account reaches $20, they’ll mail you a check.

For Apple and Android

BRANDCLUB: I have received over $265 Paypal (screenshot below).

I just learned about the most awesome way to earn cash. Sign up for FREE Brandclub and get $10 to start.


  • Register click join for all of the “clubs” that are listed on that page
  • Connect your Amazon, Walmart, and Target accounts to get $7. They’ll load $10 for making a new account, then $7 from that.
  • Go to the home page in the app and scroll down to the tutorials. Scroll through those to get another $3.
  • It might take a day or so for them to allow you to cash out via Venmo or Paypal.
  • Make sure you do the email verification under the Rewards-cash out section as well.

IBOTTA: I’ve earned $392.85

Ibotta is one of my fave apps. Add deals for all kinds of items like food, alcohol, beauty items, clothes, and household items. Then scan your receipt (and usually the item’s bar code) after you buy the item. Once you get to $20, choose from PayPal or gift cards for places like Amazon.


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