How to Spot A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

3 min readJun 5
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More than ever, figuring out a person’s intentions is essential to protecting yourself. No one wants to be conned by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I have found that the worst offenders of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” appear the nicest. But their actions show what they really think.

Back in college, I had a friend named Jane*. She was really outgoing and friendly and seemed to be friends with everyone. We all thought she was great. She was constantly going out of her way to help other people. I think she was trying to go for sainthood.

Then the bottom fell out. One of Jane’s friends found out that Jane had committed assault as a teenager and severely injured her then-boyfriend. We were all shocked. How could Jane do that? Who was this person? Why didn’t we see the signs?

Here are ways to spot wolves in sheep’s clothing before they damage your life:

  • Wolves scare house pets (same as in nature!): This is a big one. I love animals and consider myself an animal whisperer. But if you invite someone over and your cat immediately hates them, you have to wonder. Dogs and cats seem to have an innate ability to sense if someone is a good person.
  • Wolves are super charming until they decide to turn on you: They might come across as the life as the party and so kind and wonderful. Until you get on their bad side and the teeth come out.
  • Wolves are super secretive: They act like they are open about their lives but some of their stories don’t add up. When you go to Google to search for them, nothing comes up because they have scrubbed the internet of all negative information. They are rarely on social media, don’t post on Instagram, and claim they are too busy for social media.
  • Wolves only do something nice for others when they need something: This is a classic wolf move. They are invisible and don’t remember you exist until they need something.
  • Wolves use religion to appear more pious or nice: This is one of the more horrible examples of what a wolf does. They constantly talk about church, going to church, or reading their Bible. They are trying to convey that they are a super moral, nice person when actually the opposite…

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