Even The Time Traveler Couldn’t Save Us

5 min readJun 5, 2022
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Dearest Edith,

Since you are reading this you clearly found it stuffed into a copy of “Tale of Two Cities” at the library. It was not the smartest idea, but you were always good at following clues.

It’s 2022 here. I know I said I would try and stop trying to fix the future but it’s a compulsion. This is probably my last trip before I return home.

How are the children? Are they helping with chores? How is your health? It is a strange word, health. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

They don’t understand that in 2022. Remember the plague in 1861, when we made our own face coverings out of the blankets and had to go to town like that? Dodging everyone who had the dreaded pox? Every cough, every sneeze? The houses marked with the big red X, the pox houses?

They don’t do that here. It is very strange. They have masks, cloth, or N95 made of a kind of paper. But not many people wear them. They say the Covid pandemic started in 2019 and a million people have died in America. Millions around the world.

They call Covid “mild” which is a very strange way to describe an illness that has sickened so many. They have vaccines but they don’t appear to do anything except keep people out of the hospital (for the most part).

Covid is like pneumonia, which we know from our family is designed to kill those it infects. They have ways to treat it here but sometimes even with their technology, they can’t save everyone.

This epidemic has not encouraged them to cover their faces. It is hard to see this, hard to see after all the children went through in our time. There were no vaccines then, or modern hospitals and medical technology.

Their food sources are strange too. Everything is packaged in paper or something called plastic. A grocery store here would shock you. Quite different from the farm…


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