Blogger My Cupcake Addiction Had The Super Best Covid Experience

2 min readFeb 8, 2022

This is in no way an ad for this blogger. I used to think she was cool and her recipes were nice. But now I’m like WTF.

Positive people tend to live in their own little, tidy dream world. This girl lives in a Covid dream world.

She apparently had the mildest case of Covid on the entire planet. I am not trying to pick on her, but this post was mind-numbingly crazy:

Let’s unpack this:

  1. She slept well???!!! Is she sure she had Covid? The last time I had a bad cold (or possible Covid but my test was negative), I did NOT sleep well.
  2. She watched tons of great shows? Big deal! We are ALL watching great shows to get through this pandemic winter. But during an illness, any illness, all I want to do is sleep. I can’t focus on 1883 or the latest blockbuster series.
  3. She had a 2-week long slumber party. What is fun about being quarantined and Covid? How did she even have the energy to have movie marathons and bake cookies?
  4. How awesome human beings can be to each other? Huh? I’m guessing the way she spells neighbor and favorite, she lives in England or is English. I notice these things. They are nicer in the UK? If so, I am moving. I am obsessed with castles and everything English anyway.
  5. She feels like a new woman after getting Covid? Huh? Who is going to break it to her that Omicron (if that’s what she had), has a HIGH reoccurrence rate? Not to mention Long Covid, which is striking the most unlikely people- the skinny, the healthy, the young.

I get wanting to be a happy, positive person but this post was over the top. I am not picking on her, I really am not. She seems like a nice person.

But she makes having Covid sound like one big party. Which is f-g ridiculous. She needs to get educated on Covid and realize that Covid is no longer one and done. And not project to her audience that having Covid is easy. There is nothing easy about it.

People need to hear the truth about Covid. There are people who are going to read this and think having Covid is a piece of cake. It might be for some lucky asymptomatic people but for many, it is not.


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