7+ Things That Are Too Expensive And No Longer Worth It

5 min readOct 12, 2023
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I’ve had to take a deep dive on cutting expenses in my budget. It’s not always fun but the price of everything has gone up so much. Here is some of what I am cutting.


It’s definitely hard to get a trunkful of groceries for under $200 these days!

In September, fruit and vegetable prices were unchanged. Uncooked beef steaks and nonalcoholic beverages stayed flat. Chicken and dairy overall rose just 0.1%.

Some individual items got cheaper last month: Potato prices dropped 2%, ham fell 1.8% and rice went down 1.3%. Fish and seafood together dropped 1.2%. Cheese got 0.4% cheaper.

And some still notched increases, especially in the meat aisle. Hot dogs spiked 6.8%, bacon jumped 4.8% and uncooked ground beef rose 0.6%.

Butter jumped 2.4%, milk rose 1.4% and citrus fruits went up 1.3%. Eggs increased by 0.9%, after falling for a few months.

In the year through September, some items still notched high price increases.

Frozen fruits and vegetables spiked 8.1% in that period, and sugar went up 7.7%. Beef and veal together jumped 7%, and bread rose 6.1%. Ice cream rose 4.5%. Flour and apples each rose 3.9%. Coffee rose 1.6%.

Many items also got cheaper: Eggs dropped 14.5%, butter slumped 4%, and cheese and lettuce each fell 2.8%. Citrus fruits declined 2.4%. Chicken and milk each slumped 2.1% and pork declined by 1.7%. Fish and seafood together fell 1.5%.

So many things are going up in price I am already thinking ahead to the holidays and stocking up on different groceries.


This is one of my weaknesses and something I have had to make myself cut back. Have you noticed the quality of food has gone way down? And the prices have gone way up? I only visit Panera, Chipotle and Shake Shack and on occasion get a pizza. I am trying to get more food I can stock up in my…




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