5+ Items To Stock up on When They Go on Sale

5 min readSep 23
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Do you remember the Extreme Couponing show? How they would stock up on 50 bottles of barbecue sauce or 20 tubs of baby wipes. Everyone wondered, what does everyone do with all this stuff?

I used to have a stockpile and some of the items went bad before I could use them (or give them away). I learned the hard way that free stuff does not always mean I need to buy it.

But there are some items that are great to stock up on when they go on sale. Here are a few:

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These are always a good addition to your pantry.

Canned soups and broths deserve a place in your shopping cart during sales for various reasons. Firstly, these products have an extended shelf life, allowing you to store them for future use while avoiding waste. Canned broths can last up to a year unopened, and canned soups can last from 1 to 2 years.

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I don’t know about you but did you notice fresh veggies go bad really, really fast. So I have started to stock up on frozen veggies. They pack the same nutrients and I am not wasting money.

Unlike their fresh counterparts, frozen vegetables aren’t in a race against time. Properly stored, frozen vegetables can last up to 8 to 10 months in the freezer, providing a consumer-friendly shelf life.

Moreover, frozen vegetables are champions of…


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