20+ Expensive Items To Stop Buying @ Costco

4 min readFeb 22

Inflation is even making Costco more expensive. Despite this, I still think Costco is an overall good value and they sell unique items you can’t get anywhere else.

One selling point of Costco is its grab-and-go dinners. For example, Costco’s steak dinner just went viral for NOT being a good deal.


According to The Daily Meal:

The combination of steak and potatoes is a down-home, hearty meal sure to satisfy even the most famished person in your family. That’s probably why Costco thought it was a stellar idea to offer a prepackaged meal consisting of New York steak and creamer potatoes. While you certainly can’t beat it when it comes to convenience, the price of this dinner option is a little off-putting. With a unit price of $10.99 per pound, some packages can cost more than $40 and only feed two to three people.

On the other hand, you could purchase steak and potatoes separately and end up getting more food for less money. Consider that some Costco locations offer six 6-ounce frozen top sirloin steaks for $25.99. As for potatoes, you can usually find a whole slew of spuds for as little as $1 to $2 a pound. That means you can afford an entire meal for your family for less than what Costco’s prepackaged option goes for.

They are also known for grab-and-go dinners like chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, tacos, and more. Some of these are a good deal, while others are not. And of course, the famous rotisserie chicken for only $5 is still a go-to dinner idea.

Here are 20 items that have gone up noticeably in price:


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