15+ Things That Disappeared From Society But No One Noticed

Hopefully, some of these will make a comeback!

6 min readMay 30


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I remember loving my Fisher Price record player as a little kid in the 1980s. I’ve always loved music and listen to music daily.

My sister and I used to play our nursery rhyme records. My dad had an amazing record player and record collection, including Elvis records and more.

One day we were bored (this is the 80s, no Internet! no iPads!) and we got out his record player and Big Bopper record. We also played “My Boyfriend’s Back”. We would put on talent shows with the neighborhood kids.

It was the best! But then quickly came cassette tapes (anyone remember cassette singles?) and then CDs. The record player got put away in the attic, forgotten.

Until last year, my son decided he needed a record player. It was so refreshingly retro. So for his birthday, I got him this record player.

He loves going to the vintage record store in his town and collecting vintage records. It really is the coolest thing to see the trend of records come back around.

What else has disappeared, but needs to make a comeback?


I was obsessed with collecting celebrity posters from teen magazines like Bop, Teen, Seventeen, Teen Beat, and more. Back in the 1980s and 1990’s, this was our form of social media. I remember checking out the magazines at Barnes and Noble and always looking for the…




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