10+ Thoughtful Holiday Gifts For Grandparents

3 min readDec 2, 2023

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other older family members can be hard to buy for. Here are some fun and thoughtful gift ideas!

General Gift Ideas:

  • Flowers — Flowers are always a nice surprise.
  • Homemade Cards — Drawings, cards, art projects are always a welcome gift for the grandparents. It is a creative way for kids to keep in touch.
  • iPad or Laptop — Speaking of keeping in touch, I find being able to contact far away family and friends with an iPad is amazing! We can Skype or Facetime on the iPad, along with email and chatting. These are two great options to help everyone stay in touch.
  • Homemade Meal or Dessert — I am definitely more of a baker than a cook. My mother in law likes the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I make. If you aren’t up to cooking (or baking), consider sending Mrs. Field’s cookies or Cheryl’s. I’ve ordered from both for my family and they loved them!
  • Gift Baskets- Put together a basket of your loved ones favorite treats. Whether it is beauty products, food, books or more, the ideas are endless!
  • Pinterest- Pinterest is a great way to find wonderful gift ideas.
  • Dinner out — Enjoying a meal out is one of the most fun gifts you can give. Especially when someone is in a nursing home, getting out for a few hours is a nice treat.
  • Thank You’s on Facebook — My son likes to send his grandmother little notes on Facebook, it’s a nice way for them to keep in touch.
  • Art Projects — Consider framing artwork or making a scrapbook of your child’s artwork.
  • A Kindle- Kindles can store so many books. This would be a perfect solution for a grandparent who wants all their books in one place, likes to travel or who would like the convenience of instant book delivery!
  • Gift Cards — Gift cards are always appreciated, especially if they are a surprise! Ask what their favorite stores are, think Amazon, Target and more!
  • Magazine Subscription — Just like me, my mother in law loves to read magazines. It’s always fun to get a surprise magazine subscription in the mail. My mom loves magazines too.
  • CD’s or MP3 Player…




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