10+ Reasons Not to Shop at Stores That No Longer Take Cash

It’s discriminatory and dystopian.



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A disturbing trend is forming in retail, fast food, amusement parks, etc. Cash is no longer being accepted.

I was taught by my grandparents that “cash is king”. They did not believe in credit cards and rarely even wrote checks. They were taught to save cash and use it. They also didn’t really trust banks.

Years later, they have since passed and I know they would have been shocked by the society we live in now. For many reasons! But specifically the usage of debit cards, even for a $2 soda from a vending machine.

Sure, cash can be annoying but I think we have the right to use it. It is a legal tender in the United States.

Why Is This a Trend?

According to The Takeout, Taco Bell, KFC, and other brands under the Yum corporation, are pursuing this option for many reasons:

  1. Debit cards encourage impulse purchases. Because debit cards don’t seem like real money, do they?
  2. Going cashless means fast food restaurants can have customers order through screens, websites and apps, thus reducing the need for cashiers.
  3. They say it reduces crime, not having cash in their restaurants.

Aside from making it easier for customers to complete impulse transactions at the click of a button, there are other reasons for Taco Bell’s switch to an all-digital operation. Going cashless and making customers order through screens rather than with the assistance of a human being means that Taco Bell can use its technology to suggest additional items to supplement one’s order. Yup, the good old-fashioned upsell, modernized for the digital age.

We’re not big fans of forcing people to go cashless when dining out. It’s one thing to tout the ease and convenience of paying with a card (or via digital wallet), but to deny people service because the infrastructure only accepts digital currency means that these businesses inherently wall off those who can only deal in cash, like undocumented and unhoused people.




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